What we do:

We are not only a cool and creative communication agency like so many. We are passionate about outdoor sports, nature activities and fresh air.

Contact us if you need advices, trends or communication material for this world, you’ve just found the right team.

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Nice pictures and websites are not the only way to communicate with your outdoor enthusiast.

and insights

We practice, we observe and we think about outdoor sports. Ask us what we think is the future of your sport.


Photo and video of your athletes, products or events. Let’s snap pictures outside of the building.


We’ve begun working on online communication before the trail running became main stream. And we still do!

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The Spot

Services des sports de la ville de Lausanne



Who we are:


Photograph or movie maker for international brands. He used to work on a communication agency as Art Director. He brings the emotion to your projects.

de Laval

Digital marketing and communication. Engineering background with experiences in product management. He brings rationality in your projects.

sports enthusiasts,
guide or communities.

We do practice sports and we met a few people along the way. They will help us for customer insights, as models or for product testing.We are not alone

We are based in Lausanne on the shore of the Geneva lake because we haven’t found a better place for outdoors sports.
If we don’t answer your emails in an hour, maybe that’s because we are wandering somewhere.

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